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Kareem, SUNY Potsdam

From being able to work in all of these places, and spend time with host families, to meeting new people and visiting geologic sites in these states, I have really broadened my horizons. An experience like this cannot be achieved, with all the reward that I had received in any other way!

Brittany, SUNY Oswego

I definitely found my dream job. I have learned so much. The program directors did awesome work setting this up for me. I am so grateful. It’s sad there’s only 2 weeks left, but I’m now assured of my career path. 

Kateryna, SUNY Potsdam

My trips were phenomenal, and my hosts were very kind and very supportive. I was able to experience a few interesting sites in West Palm Beach, Florida, Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. The internship was a tremendous learning experience, and if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change my field choices at all. 

Welcome Students!

Ready to jump in?

5x5x5 Program Overview


Work your choice of 5 Jobs in 5 States in 5 Weeks! Designed as a six-week summer program, this gives college students an opportunity to experience a rapid prototyping of work and culture across America. Students begin by identifying multiple career fields (e.g. engineering, health, marketing). Based on each student’s interests, the student will work a diverse paid or unpaid job each week throughout the duration of the program. Additionally, a qualified mentor on the jobsite will supervise each student during the work experience, advising, fielding questions about the job and supporting the student's objectives for that week. Students will have the opportunity to select geographic regions/states of interest. The program coordinates job placements within the student’s geographic preference. Each student can earn college credits, an opportunity to experience five different jobs, live with host families in various locations, and a week of orientation. 

Living the Map's Role


Living the Map collaborates with you to understand your academic and geographic interests. Through your application and an ongoing dialogue, the Program Directors work with the student to brainstorm career fields in which the student’s interests and skills would be best utilized, to maximize their experience.


From there, the Program Directors coordinate with partner employers to identify a job placement and an on-the-job mentor for you each week.  The worksite and mentor are key ingredients to the your immersion in the summer job, ultimately contributing to your understanding of the profession, while helping the you decide how the job fits your career goals, life skills, and personal interests. 


In addition, the Program identifies a “host family” to house you each week near your respective job site. We create a student profile to share with the potential host families.  The host family is an incredible opportunity for you to experience not only a career, but also a culture.  The host family, which provides breakfast, dinner, and sleeping arrangements, also gives you an expanded network and the chance to experience the lifestyle and culture of their geographic location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a student is selected for the 5x5x5 Summer Internship Program and then decides not to go? 

Each Student will be given 5 Internship placements. Once each placement has been accepted by the student, a percent of Program Fee will be incurred. Any student dropping the program prior to 5x5x5 program begin date will be required to pay a percent fee based on detailed schedule (up to a maximum of 100%) to Living the Map, LLC. Please see your individual application for the fee breakdown.


Can students use Financial Aid to help pay for the 5x5x5 Summer Internship Program?
This depends on the school's policies.


If I choose to go to 5 states is that part of the program fee or is that out of pocket?
Student participants are urged to consider the cost of travel when selecting geographic preferences. All transportation is the sole responsibility of the student. The cost of airfare, train or bus may vary based on location and time of year. If a student prefers to work various jobs in a single location, they must specify this preference on the application. Working five jobs in a single city will be more cost effective than working in five different parts of the country. Travel may only occur on the weekend, so if necessary, a student must book a hotel on Saturday night, if the next destination takes time. The student can coordinate with hosts to stay on Saturday if previously arranged and authorized by the host. 


Paid or unpaid positions?
Payment for weekly internships is at the discretion of the employers who participate. Employers are not required to compensate for internship opportunity, but we have experienced employers compensating students in the past.


How is someone selected for participation?
Students are carefully selected through an application and interview process.


What kind of positions can I expect?
Living the Map matches students based on academic major and career interests. There are two tracks students can choose from customized and career track. See a list of past employers

What safeguards are in place to protect me?

The companies and organizations that make up the lists of approved internships in our database are carefully and regularly monitored by site visits and student assessment. The employers review to ensure learning objectives are being met and acquire the supervisor evaluations at the conclusion of the placement. Students sign off on each site before committing to the placement. Additionally, each employer and host abides by a Memorandum of Understanding. 

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