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“Our goal was for Chelsea to get a good, thorough (as much as we can do in a week) understanding of several aspects of book publishing. I think her head is exploding. ” 

—  Midwest Publishing 

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5x5x5 Program Overview


At Living the Map, we empower college students to make informed decisions about their future career paths and to gain cultural awareness. Our unique, on-the-job summer program exposes students to a variety of authentic work experiences and

diverse environments. The 5x5x5 program is carefully designed to help students get as much out of a five-week period as possible. In five weeks, students travel to five different states, work in five different jobs related to their career field, and stay with five host families. Our program helps students adapt to different cultures, learn to communicate with various members of the community, and rapidly build their resume with work experience.

How Does it Work?


We collaborate directly with university career services offices to ensure all academic criteria are met. Students apply to Living the Map’s College Program, are screened and interviewed, and are then notified if they are chosen to participate in the summer program. Once the student is confirmed to participate, we get to work securing the employers and host families. Students are responsible for their own travel and arrange all plans. There is no cost associated for any organization to participate in the program, and compensation for the student is at the discretion of each company.



How to Get Involved


We are always looking for new employers to pair with students. Employers who are ready to help students find their passion, put their skills to the test and can teach them about their industry. When you host a Living the Map intern you are getting a student who is eager to soak up as much knowledge and experience as possible. These are students who have applied, been interviewed and chosen to participate. Why are we selective? It takes a dedicated, hard working student to travel around the United States for five weeks, while meeting and living with five new families and learning the ins and outs of five different jobs. We are dedicated to making sure employers, host families and students have a wonderful experience. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we welcome the opportunity to tell you more! 

Participating Organizations/Companies Include:

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