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I just wanted to drop a note to tell you what a delight it is to have Kayana staying with us. She has such a great attitude, is incredibly smart and goes with the flow in our crazy life. I am so glad we are able to host her. Good for you for offering such a great opportunity to these young people. 

Kim, Los Angeles Rotary Club 

Welcome Host Families!

5x5x5 Program Overview


This program is designed as a six-week summer program, giving college students an opportunity to experience a rapid prototyping of work and culture across America.  After a week orientiation, each student will experience five different jobs and stay with host families in order to earn college credit. Students begin by identifying multiple career fields that interest them (e.g. engineering, health, marketing). Based on each student’s interests, they will work a diverse paid or unpaid job each week throughout the duration of the program.  Additionally, a qualified mentor on the jobsite will supervise each student during the work experience, advising, fielding questions about the job and supporting the student's objectives for that week.  Students will have the opportunity to select geographic regions/states of interest. The program coordinates job placements within the student’s geographic preference. 

How Does it Work?


We collaborate directly with university career services offices to ensure all academic criteria are met. Students apply to Living the Map’s College Program, are screened and interviewed, and are then notified if they are chosen to participate in the summer program. Once the student is confirmed to participate, we get to work securing the employers and host families. Students are responsible for their own travel and arrange all plans. Host families provide room and board and breakfast and dinner Monday-Friday of the scheduled week. Host families are not required to provide transportation for the student to and from their internship site. 

Staying with a host family gives the student an opportunity to see the culture of the area from a day-to-day perspective. While entertaining or touring the student is not required, it is highly encouraged to show them what your area has to offer.



How to Get Involved


We are always looking for host families across the US to pair with students. Hosts who are ready to help students learn about the area, meet new people and provide a safe place to stay. When you host a Living the Map intern you are getting a student who is eager to soak up as much knowledge and experience as possible. These are students who have applied, been interviewed and chosen to participate. Why are we selective? It takes a dedicated, hard working student to travel around the United States for five weeks, while meeting and living with five new families and learning the ins and outs of five different jobs. We are dedicated to making sure employers, host families and students have a wonderful experience. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we welcome the opportunity to tell you more! 

Interested in Hosting a Student?

Our host families are the heart and soul of our program!

Host families are asked to commit to only one week of participation. We consider many factors before matching a host family with a student.  If you are interested in participating as a host family, please fill out this form and we will contact you!

Success! Message received.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be servicing the student to and from their internship?
No, the student is responsible for his or her own transportation.


Are we expected to cover meals?
Yes, breakfasts and dinners Monday – Friday, otherwise student responsible.


Are we compensated for hosting a student?
In some cases we do compensate with grocery gift cards for the week.


Do they have to have their own private bedroom?
That would be the ideal situation, to make them feel comfortable.


Are we expected to entertain/tour the student around?
It is not a requirement, but the opportunity for the student to immerse into the new environment/ be exposed to the new culture. A great benefit for the student would be to see the new environment from the people who live it day-to-day.

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