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South Texas

Border towns of South Texas, are known as the borderplex that include Laredo, McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville.


Honestly, not a clue what to expect in this region.  It looks like parts can resemble Florida with the subtropical climate being close to the Gulf of Mexico, while other areas seem dry and desolate because of the high desert mountainscape.  I've been to border cities before, like El Paso and Nogales, AZ, but this part of the state seems different.  I mean this is really deep into Texas, where even the side of Mexico is not densely populated.  There must be tons of influence from Mexico, as much of the population is from our neighbors to the south.  This includes the architecture, food, activities, and pace of life.  


The closest I've been is San Antonio, which is still significantly far away.  I'm reading this area is a focal point for trade and big on agriculture and automotive manufacturing.  Quite a fascinating part of the country that I know little about.  It's a very old area, as Spanish settlements in the mid-1700's and the territory was fought during the Mexican-American War.  I do wonder how people today feel about being a part of the U.S. even after centuries.  

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San Antonio



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