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Upper Michigan

This northern peninsula is actually connected to Wisconsin, not Michigan.  It is surrounded by the Great Lakes and heavily forested.  The region includes Houghton, Marquette, Traverse City, Sault Ste. Marie, and Mackinac Island. 


America is incredibly diverse in landscape, and this is one of those regions that could be completely different than any place I've seen.  The closest I've been is Bayfield, WI which is a quaint town on the rocky shores of Lake Superior.  Everything onshore are forests and pockets of farms.  It's such a large region, I can imagine that people love to go hiking in the hills or kayak on the water.  Mackinac Island seems like a Martha's Vineyard as an exclusive island destination, made for tourism.  

I have no clue what Traverse City might be like.  The areas industries are known for quarrying and manufacturing.  The congress granted Michigan the Upper Peninsula for statehood as a compromise with Ohio to give up Toledo. I can see why Michigan ended up being glad that happened, since this region is rich in minerals and a great nature escape for many Midwesterners and Canadians.  I imagine this area as a great place to retire, although I heard the winters are the harshest in the country.  As they say, the weather keeps the riff raff out, leaving this place deeply cultured.  I do wonder how much Canada influences the region.   

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Bayfield, WI



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