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50 Jobs in 50 States


To follow the Original journey, visit: Living the Map.


When Daniel Seddiqui graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Economics, he filled out job applications, worked his networks, sent resumes and knocked on doors.  He was open to any entry-level position in anything vaguely related to his field of study – banking or accounting, maybe.  Despite numerous interviews, he couldn’t land an offer.  He moved home for a while to live with the parents, and when that became intolerable, he moved around to some volunteer positions, hoping they would lead to full-time offers.  They never did. All he could find were short-term odd jobs.

Then came the idea.  What if he sought out 50 jobs, one in each state to explore what America has to offer?

“My mind began to race, and I had an epiphany,” Daniel said. “I wanted to live the map. I wanted to fulfill my curiosity about different cultures and environments.”  Over the next year, he traveled the nation, working 50 jobs in 50 states, and meeting thousands of interesting Americans.  He worked as a corn farmer in Nebraska; a real estate agent in Idaho; a wedding coordinator in Vegas; a logger in Oregon; a bartender in New Orleans; a cheese maker in Wisconsin; a racing pit crew member in Indianapolis; a peanut sheller in Georgia; a theme park employee in Orlando; a lobsterman in Maine; a surfing instructor in Hawaii; and a model in North Carolina.  The list is unreal.


As Daniel carried on his journey, he gained national and international press. He shared his journey with his followers on his website and blog. You can re-live his experience by visiting his original website: Living the Map.



Follow Daniel's Route:

50 Jobs in 50 States struck a chord with the public. It was featured in textbooks and as trivia on international game shows, and became a reference for those in economic hardship.

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