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Week 50: California, Cellar Master

Week 49: Hawaii, Surf Instructor

Week 48: Alaska, Photographer

Week 47: Maine, Lobsterman

Week 46: New Hampshire, Democratic Party

Week 45: Massachusetts, Baseball Scout

Week 44: Connecticut, Insurance Broker

Week 43: Rhode Island, Ambassador of Tourism

Week 42: New York, Marketing Specialist

Week 41: New Jersey, Child Counselor

Week 40: Pennsylvania, Furniture Builder

Week 39: Delaware, Incorporating Specialist

Week 38: Maryland, Cook

Week 37: Virginia, Gardens and Grounds Keeper

Week 36: West Virginia, Coal Miner

Week 35: North Carolina, Model Agent/Model

Week 34: South Carolina, Golf Caddie

I've been published...Crossing a New Border Every Week by Daniel Seddiqui, Special to the Explorer; December 21, 2008

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I’m Daniel Seddiqui and I’ve traveled all 50 states and worked
50 different jobs in 50 weeks.
Sound crazy? My mission was to explore the diverse careers, environments, and cultures offered in America.

Available for speaking engagements and lectures...

Finding a career, finding your passion and understanding culture and lifestyle...
I've been a rodeo announcer in South Dakota, a model in North Carolina, a coal miner
in West Virginia, a marine biologist in Washington, a border patrol agent in Arizona,
a lobsterman in Maine, and just about everything in between.

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Living the Map Foundation Coming Soon...

Not just 50 states: when my journey made global news, people from many countries emailed encouragement and appreciation.

“I just saw you on TV2 Danish News. I just wanted to let you know that I admire your mission. Your middle name should be ‘inspiration'." --Michael from Denmark

“I moved to North Carolina from South Korea because I saw you on the national news and you inspired me to take risks and create new opportunities. You have changed my life.” --Hyoen from South Korea

“I want to say that you are a great man. I am 23 years old.  I will graduate, but still looking for a job. I always surf the internet and found an article about you. When I read the article, I thought I was stupid and still a child. Now I can do anything because I am still a young and important man. Thank you for giving confidence to me. I pray for you.” --Byeong from South Korea

“Today I saw your history on TV and think you’re a great example that anything is possible.” --Kate from Ecuador

“I can’t wait to read the book!” --Kyra Phillips, CNN

“It’s not every day that you meet a kid who is so disgusted with the job market that he decides to pack up and pursue 50 different jobs in 50 different states. This morning, I talked to a remarkable young man named Daniel Seddiqui, a professional job hopper, who graduated from USC and got rejected from over 40 job interviews. He is a perfect example of persistence, perseverance, all of the above.” --Alexis Glick, Fox News

“Your experience could serve as the great example of human power under the economic crisis in process around the world! Also you demonstrated the possibilities of american way of life - now huge in Russia. In Siberia, where I am living, this experience of such mobile working is impossible. But we are hoping that you personally can show [a] good example of optimism and skill for our young people.” --Irina from Russia 

50 Jobs in 50 States - by Daniel Seddiqui

Week 17: Missouri, Boilermaker

Week 16: Kansas, Meatpacker

Week 15: New Mexico, Landscape Architect

Week 14: Arizona, US Border Patrol Agent

Week 13: Nevada, Wedding Coordinator

Week 12: Oregon, Logger

Week 11: Washington, Marine Biologist

Week 10: Idaho, Real Estate Agent

Week 9: Montana, General Store Owner

Week 8: Wyoming, Park Ranger

Week 7: Nebraska, Corn Farmer

Week 6: Iowa, Agronomist

Week 5: Minnesota, Medical Device

Week 4: North Dakota, Cartographer

Week 3: South Dakota, Rodeo Announcer

Week 2: Colorado, Hydrologist

Week 1: Utah, Humanitarian Services

Week 33: Florida, Park Entertainer

Week 32: Georgia, Peanut Sheller

Week 31: Alabama, High School Football Coach

Week 30: Tennessee, Studio Technician

Week 29: Kentucky, Horseman

Week 28: Vermont, Sugarmaker

Week 27: Indiana, Pit-crew Worker

Week 26: Ohio, Meteorologist

Week 25: Michigan, Auto Mechanic

Week 24: Illinois, Ticket Agent

Week 23: Wisconsin, Cheesemaker

Week 22: Mississippi, Dietician

Week 21: Louisiana, Bouncer, Server, Music Coordinator

Week 20: Texas, Petroleum Engineer

Week 19: Oklahoma, Roustabout

Week 18: Arkansas, Archeologist

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